Diggy Simmons – Copy, Paste [Official Music Video]

Check out the latest video for “Copy, Paste” from the 16-year old budding star


Miguel – Quickie

i dont wanna be loved..

Where is this boys father? ! Minaj Super Bass Cover!


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This classic Air Jordan 11  is finally coming out . It looks like Jordan Brand has decided to take it back to the olds chool with the cool blue icy bottom(sweet) even though this model is  far darker than the original. Of course the upper pins black patent leather to a white mesh and leather base. Expect this to be in stores within five months at the height of the holiday season.

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”
White/Black-Dark Concord
Holiday 2011

Celeb Edition-Sneaker Swagging

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Nicki Minaj In Forever 21 & with a Louis Vuitton bag

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Angela Simmons’ Giuseppe Zanotti Butterfly Sandal

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Beyonce Talks Admiration for Gay Fans, ‘A Star Is Born’ & Love For Lady Gaga Read more: Beyonce Talks Admiration for Gay Fans, ‘A Star Is Born’ & Love For Lady Gaga

Beyonce on her gay fans
I remember my friends were telling me when the song “Run the World (Girls)” first came out in the clubs the kids were going crazy, and I thought it was so wonderful and I was so excited to know that the reception was so positive.

I’ve always had a connection [with my gay fans]. Most of my audience is actually women and my gay fans, and I’ve seen a lot of the younger boys kind of grow up to my music. It’s great when I’m able to do the meet and greets, because I’m able to really connect and have conversations. People look at some of the artists that I admire – like Diana Ross and Cher – and they identity that glamour with Sasha Fierce, and I’ve been really inspired by the language. I have my (gay) stylists and my makeup artist, and all of their stories and the slang words I always put it in my music. We inspire each other. Like I said, we’re one.

On her role in ‘The Star Is Born’
I’m slightly a bit intimated, I have to say. I feel a bit overwhelmed, and I’m still in shock. (Laughs) But the studio and Clint (Eastwood, the director) believe in me, and I feel like I’ve been really selective and I’ve waited and worked really hard and I’ve done different types of movies – from comedies to thrillers to drama when I played Etta James – and I really wanted to make sure I was ready. I do believe that at this point I am ready and I’ve been disciplined and I’ve surrounded myself with really good actors. I hope this is going to be as wonderful of an experience as I feel it’s going to be.

I just remember growing up seeing Barbra Streisand and knowing that she represented that generation’s star, and being an African-American woman and being the person that’s represented is such an honor. I respect it and I cherish it and I’m going to work so hard – harder than I’ve ever worked – to make sure that I live up to filling the shoes of those other women.

On Lady Gaga
I’m all about women working together and supporting each other and learning from each other, and I feel like sometimes women get a bad rap. It’s like we’re competitive and we can’t respect each other especially if we’re both out around the same time – they think we’re going to kill each other. And it’s all about women learning from each other, and I respect talent and I respect people that work hard – and good people.

love Gaga. I mean, if she didn’t perform and she wasn’t a singer, just as a human being I love her to death. But on top of it, she is the most talented pop star right now, and I’m so happy for her. It’s just really inspiring to see someone who just creates their own destiny and comes up with their own looks and writes their own songs and choreographs and is in control and is not contrived. If you took away every bit of costume and she just sat in front of a piano, she would still tear it down. She’s just that talented, and she deserves it all. And I’m just happy to work with her. I love her.

On the song ‘I was Here’ and how it may affect her gay fan base
I hope that I’ve given them confidence, and I hope that I’ve given them inspiration. I just want everyone to become a better person, and I hope that when they see me perform they can live out their fantasies and see my work ethic and apply it to their lives and be confident and proud. If they’re bootylicious, be proud; whoever they are, be proud. On this album, I really focused on making people feel good and feel love and know that there is love out there and goodness exists. I wanted to make a body of work that took risks – to be brave and be myself, and not focus on being cool.

Rihanna & Kanye West – All of The Lights (Live)

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