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Soak Like an Emperor at Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca


The first thing to know about new Tribeca spa Aire Ancient Baths is that the name is pronounced “eye-ray.” The second thing to know is that it’s insanely decadent. This is the first US location for the Spanish chain, which launched in the ’90s inside a 16th century palace in Seville. Its aim is to replicate Greek and Roman bathing for modern times with pools, steam rooms, and massage services.

New York doesn’t have any ancient palaces, of course, but Aire managed to find a location with some historical background. Architects removed the concrete covering the walls to reveal original brick from 1883, and the benches in the waiting room are made of scaffolding left over from the building of the Triborough Bridge.

Downstairs in the Franklin Street space, you’ll find the salt bath, the jet bath, and a range of other pools running the gamut of temperatures, from 106 degrees to a bracing 50. They’re arranged in a dark, atmospheric space decorated with candles, like the world’s cleanest cave. In between dips, customers can hang out on heated marble stones and avail themselves of all the juice and tea they can drink. In keeping with the Mediterranean theme, treatments include red wine and olive oil. Prices go up to $500, but a basic 75 minute soak is $75


Young Dads Explain What They Really Want for Father’s Day

O&W pilot watch, $358 at WestCoasTime

Father’s Day might be the toughest of the gift-buying holidays. Rather than round up a bunch of neckties and cufflinks, we asked some recent fathers what they’d really like to get on Sunday. The answers ranged from “I have no material needs” to “Zamboni lessons” to “more sleep” (that last one was especially popular.) Below are 20 more suggestions, all sourced from anonymous New York City dads. Feel free to use this as a cheat sheet for upcoming birthdays, too.

1) “A high end racing wheel set for my road bike.”

2) “Brooklyn Nets gear, obviously.”

3) “I genuinely want a tool set. Never had one. I don’t want a hand-forged-in-Brooklyn one or a Hermes one, but I do kind of want one good enough for a lifetime.”

4) “I want to know how to look under the hood of a car and not feel like a total pussy. Surely there must be a basic mechanic class so I can identify engine parts and have a vague understanding of what makes a car go.”

5) “More sleep and time to exercise would be a the top of the list. Ignoring time constraints: German lessons.”

6) “I want a watch from WestCoasTime. I just haven’t been able to decide which one.”

Filson briefcase bag, $215 at Steven Alan

7) “A Filson briefcase bag. Work appropriate yet not sell-out-your-soul business-y. Highly recommended.”

8) “A Beer of the Month Club membership. (Never fails. Stinky Bklyn has one that delivers for free.)”

9) “I want a cheap Glamping experience at Floyd Bennett Field: someone sets up a tent with air mattress and sheets and leaves raw meat and fixings for me to grill over a wood fire. I show up and enjoy, maybe with friends whose wives/kids/partners have given them the same gift.”

10) “Tickets to any of the good soccer exhibition games in NYC this summer (Real Madrid-AC Milan or Chelsea-Paris Saint Germain at Yankee Stadium, Tottenham-Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena.)”

11) “This is my #1 tip for anyone buying a gift for a guy: Tickets to one of the awesome booze events at the Astor Center. I’ve done a couple of them (a beer one and a Mixology 101 one) and they’re so fun. This has Father’s Day written all over it.”

12) “Time to golf and a good night’s sleep.”

13) “I want a well-edited compilation video of family clips and photos set to a soundtrack of my favorite music. I’m sure there are companies out there that do kind of middle-of-the-road iMovie versions of this, but I’m thinking more like a music video that we’re really excited to watch again and again.”

Vintage game sheets, £8.50 at Present&Correct

14) “I’m a sucker for the Ephemera (actual weird vintage paper goods, not the cutesy stationery) at Present&Correct.”

14) “A platza at the Russian Baths.”

15) “Fly fishing lessons. People say that once you learn how to do it, it is the only fishing you ever want to do.”

16) “A night with that special someone at the Standard NY or Wythe Hotel to GET AWAY FROM THE CRYING AND SCREAMING AND THE NO SLEEP FOR ONE GODDAMN NIGHT.”

18) “I would like to be given a week on a Lockmaster.”

19) “I live in a relatively small place, so I try not to add anything material—which is fine because most of my desires are experiential these days. I’ve gotten back into swimming, and realize from spending time at the pool that my form is not like the other, better swimmers who swim by me and do cool flip turns. I’d love a lesson or two to make the most of my time in the water.”

20) “Motorcycle lessons. I’m not saying we are definitely heading for a post-apocalyptic Mad Max type future, but there have been enough depictions of that possibility that I think knowing how to ride a motorcycle could potentially come in handy.”

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Ni**as in Paris!!

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Got my niggas in Paris and they going gorillas, huh!

Stars Come Out To Party With Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon At GQ’s Men On The Year Bash

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ill be there next year lol

photoshoot flow!

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some behind the scenes 🙂

Instagram flow!! nyc marathon

at the nyc marathon!


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mad fun chilling with hadiiya barbel and julie at keith majors spot

Drake – Headlines [Produced by Boi-1da]

Drake is back on the scene with the first single from his upcoming sophomore album ‘Take Care.‘ In stores October 24.