Soak Like an Emperor at Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca


The first thing to know about new Tribeca spa Aire Ancient Baths is that the name is pronounced “eye-ray.” The second thing to know is that it’s insanely decadent. This is the first US location for the Spanish chain, which launched in the ’90s inside a 16th century palace in Seville. Its aim is to replicate Greek and Roman bathing for modern times with pools, steam rooms, and massage services.

New York doesn’t have any ancient palaces, of course, but Aire managed to find a location with some historical background. Architects removed the concrete covering the walls to reveal original brick from 1883, and the benches in the waiting room are made of scaffolding left over from the building of the Triborough Bridge.

Downstairs in the Franklin Street space, you’ll find the salt bath, the jet bath, and a range of other pools running the gamut of temperatures, from 106 degrees to a bracing 50. They’re arranged in a dark, atmospheric space decorated with candles, like the world’s cleanest cave. In between dips, customers can hang out on heated marble stones and avail themselves of all the juice and tea they can drink. In keeping with the Mediterranean theme, treatments include red wine and olive oil. Prices go up to $500, but a basic 75 minute soak is $75


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