Lil Wayne Covers July/August Edition Of XXL. Says He’s Ready To Retire Soon

fter twelve albums (eight solo, three with the Hot Boys and one with BirdmanLil Wayne is starting to think about hanging up the mic.

In a new interview with XXL the 28-year old hinted that his career might fade to black after his ninth solo album, ‘Tha Carter IV‘ drops in August.

Of course we’ve seen this before act before. Jay-Z famously retired in 2003 only to return to the game three years later.

The big difference between the two is the fact that Jay doesn’t have any kids while Wayne has four. With such a hectic schedule recording and touring, Weezy doesn’t get to spend the time with his family that he would like to.

I’m bowing out still on top,” Wayne told XXL. “I’ma make y’all want me when I retire. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘Nooo!’ I ain’t leaving out this b*tch when y’all be like, ‘Yeah, it’s about time, dawg.’ Carter IV might be my last one. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘F*ck!’ Yeah, n*gga, I’m gone. I honestly think it’s unfair to my kids. I’m super dedicated into what I do. Like, it’s no questions—it’s hands down, I do this. I live this. I don’t have a day out my week that I do something else. I do this every day of my life, and I’m not about to stop, ’cause that’s the only way you can succeed in this business, is to do it the way I do it. I want to succeed the way I want to succeed. You can succeed. You can put out a hit… But to do it the way I want to do it, to be comfortable to do what the f*** I want to do, you’ve got to work like no other. Like I said, it’s unfair to my kids. So about 30, 31, 32, I gotta get ready.”

The Young Money CEO doesn’t think he’ll be hurting for cash. He plans on kicking his feet up and caking off a of potent roster of artists, Drake and Nicki Minaj in particular.

I expect to eat, and eat well,” he said “I expect [Drake] to be a lot more successful than he has ever been. I mean, this guy’s a superstar. He is the definition. That’s what I told y’all before he was: ‘That’s the definition of a superstar.’ And like Nicki, he’s only breaking ice. He has yet to be who he’s going to be. I’m banking on them.”




To read the full interview pick up the July/August 2011 issue when it hits newsstands July 12.

Do you think Wayne is serious about walking away from the rap game forever?




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