green chic! Uranus Apparel

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have a pretty healthy sense of humor an I enjoy astrology, so I love the idea of naming a line of sustainable underwear Uranus Apparel.  This little company was started by a couple of former Univesity of Florida students and it fills a hole in the drastically unappreciated world of sustainable undies.

Their new Soyshorts™ (boy short panties made of soy…get it?) is named ”Venus” and comes with three colors:  one pair plum, one pair ocean blue, and one pair taupe. They arrive packaged in a burlap drawstring pouch that is both reusable and 100% biodegradable.

Go get yourself some new underpants, ladies–and revel in the soft, sustainable luxury that is soy fabric.

Uranus Apparel is committed to utilizing soy as a more sustainable alternative to 100% cotton fiber. Soy is a fantastic alternative fabric choice as it’s manufactured from the by-products of soy food production like tofu and soybean oil, a process which uses materials that would otherwise be considered waste. While contributing to a more sustainable planet, soy fabric is also extremely soft and comfortable, often being compared to silk or cashmere, yet more durable and quicker drying than cotton.


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